President William J. Clinton
42nd President of the United States

"The Palestinian Political Risk Insurance effort is what the Clinton Global Initiative is about. We have Palestinians, Americans, Europeans, Israelis, insurance experts, business people, lawyers, financial sector specialists, regional specialists, all contributing their time, energy, and resources to meet this challenge and make a difference in this very important part of the world."

Lester Crown
Chairman, Henry Crown and Company

"MEII is remarkable in that it has been able to directly engage the Palestinian private sector and avoid the political paralysis that continues to plague the region. This direct engagement has allowed it to improve the lives of Palestinians, strengthen the Palestinian economy and create economic stakeholders in the peace process. These successes demonstrate to the people in the region that hope for a better future is real and attainable. … MEII’s efforts make me more comfortable that there exists a more benign future for Arabs and Israelis alike."

Samer Khoury
Executive VP of Operations, Consolidated Contractors International Co.

"The MEII stands out as one of the most important efforts to promote the economic development of Palestinian businesses and one that will truly make a difference."

Senator George J. Mitchell
Former Senate majority leader and US Special Envoy for Mideast Peace

"MEII's efforts, and others like it, will help create badly needed jobs, catalyze millions more in business investment, and contribute toward a more stable and secure region, and world."

Robert Mosbacher Jr.
Former President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

"Greater access to capital for Palestinian small businesses should stimulate economic growth, resulting in increased levels of employment and economic activity. In turn, economic growth should support greater regional stability, facilitating the forward momentum of the peace process."

President Shimon Peres
President of Israel

"Such an initiative [MEII’s loan guarantee facility], especially at this crucial time, will provide important breathing space and create the necessary environment for political progress in the future."