Rushdi Ghalayini
Deputy General Manager, Bank of Palestine

"MEII staff effort with our bank has paid off. We see our loan officers changing and our credit culture improving with an increased dependence on the cash flow capacity and feasibility of the project. We no longer accept credit reports that do not include projection of the project’s cash flow and a study of its feasibility unlike before MEII came to the picture and that also includes the loans under our own portfolio."

Mahmoud Hammad
Branch Manager, Palestine Commercial Bank

"MEII changed our whole understanding of credit. We now think of the social impact of the project. In addition, a big portion of our portfolio was based on 'name lending' and most credit decisions were collateral-based. Now we look at the feasibility of the project first. ... The biggest effect of MEII is that it made the decision making process faster since we have a more in-depth analysis of the project."

Abed Al Rahman Touqan
Loan Officer, Palestine Commercial Bank

"I was a teller at the bank before MEII came to the picture. Now and thanks to MEII teachings and trainings I was promoted to a loan officer managing all SME loans at our branch."